2019 Tour

In an attempt to remember all of our crazy adventures, I will be stopping by here to share new countries, states, venues, campsites, and experiences with you. 

We have mapped out our tour and will spend the first chunk of time recording. We will resume playing shows by the time we hit California. 

We plan on visiting:

Northern Michigan 

Banff National Park

Glacier National Park


Yellowstone National Park

Redwood National Forrest

Monterey, Big Sur ect.

Yosemite National Park

Sequoia National Park 

maybe Joshua Tree and LA

San Diego 

Tuscon, Arizona


Pascagula, MS

and finally back to Fl for Frank Brown International Songwriters Fest. 

I am excited to see some of our friends, play new venues, and experience new places..

After all that is over we will be taking a much needed break in ICELAND!!