Top Five Drone Flights

It is no secret that Mark and I are travel lovers. Being able to revisit some of our favorite places via drone has really helped keep us a little happier since we aren't allowed to travel at the moment. 


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Stoke For All: Adaptive Surf Project

Tucked away on the North East Coast of South Carolina is a small beach town called Cherry Grove. This sleepy beach town is a safe haven for surfers and beach lovers from all walks of life. Whether you are a…

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2019 Tour

In an attempt to remember all of our crazy adventures, I will be stopping by here to share new countries, states, venues, campsites, and experiences with you. 

We have mapped out our tour and will spend the first chunk of…

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Not Breaking The Ice

This year we spent our first Christmas together in Michigan, and being the beach kid that I am, I had never skated on a lake before. 

Mark and I took our chances of falling through freshly frozen ice, found his…

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Chasing Freedom!


When I hear the word “free” several things come to mind. I think of not being tied down.

I think about having the ability to change my mind, location, or viewpoints at any given time.

Not until I gave up…

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